• OriginalDorfmusikanten


    A true Wind orchestra for a reason. Ambiance guaranteed at every party. An experience which you will long remember and talk about. Our performances with surprising melodies and tunes are always delightful.

    Never a dull moment with the Original Dorfmusikanten.
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  • OriginalBrass band

    Brass band

    Die Original Dorfmusikanten could be a traditional German brass brand, if its roots were not in Flanders. Our performances are truly enjoyable, an unforgettable feast for the eye and ear.

    We offer a never to be forgotten feast
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  • StimmungsKapelle


    We are an ensemble of about 20 musicians who have a passion for Tyrolean and Oberbayern music. Our performances with surprising melodies and tunes are always delightful. .Our concerts chear up even the grumpiest people! Read More
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The Wind Orchestra Die Original Dorfmusikanten is a woodwind ensemble from Pittem in West Flanders. The band was founded in 1989 and consists of 22 musicians who have a passion for the traditional folk music from the known Alpine countries. The repertoire consists of original woodwind music mainly from Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Throughout the years the ensemble has become a monument in the world of woodwind musicians and enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad.
A performance by Die Original Dorfmusikanten is always enjoyable. A musical experience that is a feast for the eye and the ear. Do not hesitate. If you are longing for the atmosphere of the Alpine countries genre, then Die Original Dorfmusikanten will satisfy your desire.
Die Original Dorfmusikanten could have been a traditional German brass band, if its roots were not in Flanders. The extensive repertoire is composed of traditional folk music such as marches, waltzes, polkas, airy melodies, surprising tones and modern compositions. Yes, from time to time the musicians of Die Original Dorfmusikanten even dare to take on a well-known Schlager by Evergreen.


Die Original Dorfmusikanten
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