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Television performances

 ‘Gala van de Gouden BeRTjes’, the new year's eve show on the national broadcasting channel of Belgium, the former BRT (American Theater)

'Mijn Hart is vol Muziek', a musical show on the BRT Connie Neefs (VRT Reyerslaan)

'Sterren en Kometen', a show by Luk Alloo on TV6

A special at the occasion of the National Championship on WTV-Focus

Company parties

100 years Grepapier in Aalter

100 years Vynckier in Gent

The Belgian premiere BMW-compact in the studios of VTM in Londerzeel

50 years Scania Belgium in the Brabanthal in Leuven

Show performances

Various artist gala evenings with other performers such as Wendy Van Wanten, Dana Winner, Rocco Granata, Eddy Wally, Loes Vanden Heuvel, Jan Bardi, Margriet Hermans, Willy Sommers, Bart Kaël, Christoff, Lindsay, Luc Steeno etc. …

‘Nacht van het Duitse Lied’ in Wieze with, amongst other performers, Jo Vally, Dennie Christian, Freddy Breck, Peter Orloff


European Championship in 2015 in Kerkrade in the mountain class: 3rd place

Open Belgian Championships in the hill class: 1 x champion / 1 x vice-champion

Open Belgian Championships in the mountain class: 2 x champion / 1 x vice-champion

European Championship in 2000 in Maihingen Germany in the hill class: vice-champion

European Championship in2015 in Kerkrade Holland in the hill class: 3th place

World Music Contest in 1998 in Kerkrade in the hill class: vice-champion 

International performances

Region Kronplatz South Tirol

Hopfgarten in Brixental Austria

Willingen Germany

La Meyze (Limoges) France

Villacher Kirchtag in Carinthia

Lienz in East Tirol

Dellach im Drautal in Carinthia